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Kanye West - "See Me Now (Big Sean-free Version)" vintage mp3


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The Big Sean-Free Edition   

Date of procurement: August 12, 2010

The perfect keepsake for fans of hating Big Sean, this mp3 is the rare original version of “See Me Now,” featuring only Beyoncé, Charlie Wilson, and Kanye. Not Big Sean. He’s nowhere to be found on this mp3.

The most well-known version of this song appears as a bonus track on West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. But that song features Big Sean and lyrics that reference Kat Stacks. But this version? No Big Sean! No Kat Stacks!

In place of Sean’s verse are dozens of exclusive Kanye adlibs, including “Feel like one of them old R. Kelly joints right?” (it does) and “I bet they put me back on the cover of Ebony now, huh?” (they did [in 2014]). He even references the then-still-fresh Taylor Swift VMA incident: “And Imma let you finish, but I got Beyonce on the track.”

Then the song just cuts off randomly. Perhaps another errant G.O.O.D Friday upload to kanyewest.com, making this version especially rare. But most importantly, no Big Sean.

Unique features:      

  • No Big Sean. He’s very much not on this song.
  • More than two minutes of Kanye adlibs, unlike album version. (Where instead, there’s Big Sean.)
  • Sudden, probably unintentional cutoff ending.
  • Again, no Big Sean.
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